Radiofrequency Treatment

We keep the finger on the pulse of the industry and stay up-to-date with the modern, clinically-approved treatments. Diva Medical offers radiofrequency treatment which, in a pain-free, bloodless, and scarless way removes the following skin changes:

    1. Seborrheic keratoses (light-brown to dark brown and black plates, uneven surfaces which usually appear in the elderly, on the skin of the head and body. 
    2. Viral warts (lumps which appear above the skin surface, most often on the skin of the hands and feet)
    3. Skin tags (soft, skin-colored warts that hang off the skin)
    4. Soft fibroma (skin-colored lumps)
    5. Sebaceous cysts and milia (small, grainy, white changes usually found on the facial skin)
    6. Xanthelasmata (yellow-colored plates on the eyelids)
    7. Condylomata (genital warts)
    8. Molluscum (smooth, small, dome-shaped, skin-colored warts)
    9. Benign moles



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