Non-Surgical Chin Correction

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Non-surgical correction of the chin and lower jaw belongs to aesthetic interventions of face harmonization which restores the attractive look for both women and men. It has a powerful impact on achieving a sensual look of the female face and accenting attractiveness and masculinity for men. Apart from achieving the desired shape of the chin, contouring the chin contributes to the reduction of loose skin of the cheeks and upper part of the neck.

What are the most efficient procedures for shaping the chin and tightening the lower half of the face?

With the non-surgical correction of the appearance of the chin, genioplasty can be avoided or deferred. To shape the lower third of the face, the non-invasive technology of the Accent Prime device combined with dermal fillers is most commonly used and it combines the ultrasound and radiofrequency energy to contour the lower line of the chin and tighten all areas of the face, neck, and neckline.

The advancements in aesthetic medicine made it possible to achieve the ideal shape of the chin aligned with the patient’s face physiognomy in a non-surgical way by using hyaluronic fillers. Contouring with hyaluronic fillers represents the latest trend in aesthetic medicine and it gained the upper hand over operational procedures or surgeries because it achieves a prettier natural look with the reduction of risks of plastic surgery. 

Thanks to the experienced doctors at Laser Center Diva, in just 30 minutes you can get a perfect shape of your chin and restore the youthful appearance of the lower third of the face. According to the latest application technique of hyaluronic fillers following MD codes, the chin is divided into regions depending on the need and this biodegradable material can be safely injected to contour, volumize, and achieve a harmonized appearance of the patient’s face.

The chin has an important role when it comes to the appearance of the facial profile as much as the nose and it’s one of the key points which affects the proportional appearance of the face. While planning the application of fillers, we look at the labiomental fold (between the lower lip and chin) and the spacing between the chin line and the neck, and their ratio and size. The goal of this intervention is to achieve an ideal ratio with other regions (lips, nose, and forehead) and harmonize the entire face of the patient.

Jawline correction with hyaluronic fillers can be performed by applying various techniques (needle or cannula). By using a cannula or a blunt needle, the possibility of bruising is reduced significantly which is something that should be paid attention to if the patient mentions this propensity in their anamnesis. 

In Laser Center Diva, we apply the Juvederm hyaluronic filler of the highest quality and purity made especially for the chin region. It is of high molecular density which enables its consistency and high contouring potential. The consistency of Voluma Juvederm fillers is 1.5 to 2 years.


  • Moving the jawline forward to achieve an ideal facial profile appearance
  • Achieving vertical changes in terms of extending the chin and the entire face
  • Lateral corrections if the patient has pronounced asymmetry of the lower third of the face
  • Weakly accented chin in men
  • Achieving a youthful appearance by contouring the triangle of youth
  • Excess skin in the lower third of the face and loss of clear contours of the lower jaw

Differences in contouring techniques for men and women


Women can achieve a better frontal projection of the chin and contour of the lower jaw which in combination with cheekbones contouring emphasizes the most attractive attributes of the female face.


The condition we set during the application of hyaluronic fillers is the masculine and rejuvenated appearance by augmentation, that is, enlargement of lateral sections of the chin. The chin looks wider and stronger, has clear and sharp contours, the region of the masseter muscle is pronounced.

The advantages of the non-surgical treatment of the chin region

  • Non-invasive
  • Does not apply anesthesia
  • No recovery period
  • Results are visible after a single treatment
  • No damage to surrounding nerves, which is common with surgical procedures with side-effects of long-term tingling sensations 
  • No risks of infection

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