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Dermoscopy (epiluminescence microscopy, immersion diascopy) is an in-vivo, non-invasive and pain-free diagnostic method which is of great importance for early discovery and treatment of skin melanoma. This method enables inspection of the in-depth mole examination and other changes on the skin that cannot be detected with a bare eye. The method is conducted using an optical instrument, dermoscope, while an immersive oil or gel is applied to the area to make the skin and anatomic structures more visible. 

There are several standardized dermoscopic criteria for different types of malignancies, all of which are in a correlation with a specific histological analysis. There is a specific set of criteria for every detected skin change, and absence or presence of these criteria determines the type of change, that is, whether a mole is malignant or benign. 

If the dermoscopy results indicate that the skin changes are suspicious, the patient is advised to undergo a surgical removal and histopathological verification. 

In situations where dermoscopy cannot provide clear results, you are advised to repeat the examination after 1 to 3 months. 

Radiowave Mole Removal 

Diva Laser Centar performs a radiowave mole removal due to a number of benefits associated with this treatment, some of the most prominent ones being:

  • Minimal tissue trauma
  • Fast and easy healing of the treated skin
  • Pain-free mole removal
  • Safe and precise mole removal and irregularities on sensitive skin areas
  • Fast and efficient results
  • Efficient removal of other benign skin changes (including warts, fibromas, atheroma, keratoses, granulomas, xanthelasmas, angiomas, dermatofibromas, syringomas).

When should you turn to a medical professional?

In most cases, a mole is a harmless buildup of pigmented skin cells that appear during the first years of life. This type of moles is classified under acquired moles. Regardless of your age, the appearance of new moles is possible, which means that people over the age of 30 may spot on average 30 moles on their skin, and more. The number of moles on the skin should not alarm you since the majority of moles are harmless and are more of an aesthetic than a health issue. 

Early discovery of malignancies increases the chances of being cured, which is why Diva Laser Centar recommends scheduling an examination if you:

  • notice changes or irregularities on your existing moles (an increase in size, change in color, bleeding)
  • notice appearance of new moles of strange color and shape (asymmetry, irregular edges, diameter greater than 6mm, growing and bleeding moles)
  • notice more than 100 moles on the skin.


Is it dangerous to scratch a mole?

You must be familiar with the myth that scratching a mole is dangerous because a slight injury can cause serious issues. Experts from Diva Laser Center emphasize that in some cases we recommend removing a mole to prevent it from going through any changes.

Can I remove a mole from aesthetic reasons?

It is possible to schedule a mole removal even when there are no indications that it poses a danger to your health.

Is mole removal painful?

Diva Laser Center performs radiowave mole removal and the process is pain-free and lasts only between 20 and 30 seconds. We use a local anesthetic in the form of a topical creme.    

Is mole removal a safe treatment?

The mole removal treatment is completely safe and Diva Laser Center guarantees maximum safety to its patients. 

How can I schedule a treatment?

In a specialized dermatology clinic Diva Laser Center, you can schedule a treatment every workday during our office hours. 

Schedule an examination by calling us on 011/2444676 or sending a message to our official email [email protected] and see for yourself why we are No. 1 in Serbia and region for 25 years. 


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