Laser Removal of Scars for a Shinier and More Beautiful Skin

If acne scars or other types of scars cause your emotional problems or lack of self-confidence, laser scar removal is the ideal solution for you! The treatment is non-invasive, painless and maximally effective in the permanent removal of all types of scars.

Laser scar removal in the Diva Laser Center is done with the help of fractional laser technology, a revolutionary method that gives superior results in relation to the techniques known to date, both for the removal of scars and for many other indications.

How can scarring with the help of fractional laser be removed?

Fractional laser light creates microcolumns of coagulated tissue that extends deep into the subcutaneous tissue without injury to the surface of the skin.

This triggers the process of wound healing by replacing the unorganized scar tissue with new healthy tissue, significantly reducing the scar size.

Contact cooling throughout the treatment period ensures maximum comfort for the patient.

Numerous clinical studies have confirmed the effectiveness of fractional laser technology and the long-termness of results.

What should I expect?

Laser scar removal is undoubtedly the best option for removing all kinds of scars. Most people feel only minimal discomfort during the duration of the treatment lasting no more than 30 minutes depending on the size of the region being treated.

There is no recovery period, and you can immediately return to your usual activities. The unwanted effects are mild: there may be a slight redness or swelling for just a few days. A fractional laser can be used on all skin types – from the brightest to the darkest skin tone. Significant improvement can be seen already after the first treatment, but to achieve maximum and long-term results it is necessary to repeat the procedure at least 3 times. A number of treatments will depend on the characteristics of the scar and the individual characteristics of the skin.

How can I schedule a treatment?

At the Laser Center Diva, you can schedule the treatment every work day during working hours.

Consultations on all laser and aesthetic procedures are FREE and are done by doctors who will give you the most accurate information about the effect you can expect, as well as a recommendation on some other procedures that you can combine to achieve the best result.


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