Laser removal of capillaries with the most advanced medical ND-YAG laser.

Get rid of enlarged capillaries once and for all!

  • Telangiectasia and spider nevus on the face and body
  • Capillaries and haemangiomas on the face and body
  • Venus and venous capillaries on the face and body

Therapy with vascular ND-YAG laser is a safe, effective, painless and best therapy for small blood vessels on the face and body with fantastic and lasting results.

The previous methods of treating expanded venules and capillaries on the face, body and legs were invasive (operative treatment and sclerosis therapy) and with certain health risks. In addition, these procedures are unpleasant and painful, and most importantly, they are insufficiently effective on small blood vessels. Patients accepted these methods for the purpose of treatment because there was no alternative.

ND-YAG laser permanently removes all blood vessels 0.5 to 2.5 mm in diameter regardless of whether they are on the face, body or legs, painlessly and without any risk.

What does the capillary laser removal procedure look like?

A laser beam of 1064nm wavelength, passes through the skin without damaging it and is reabsorbed by blood vessels, which leads to their permanent obliteration by the photo termo coagulation process, which means that the light energy of the laser beam turns into thermal energy, which coagulates the blood vessel and permanently removes the treated capillaries.


When is it not possible to use the NG YAG laser?

Contraindications to the use of this laser are rare and include: epilepsy, malignancies, coagulopathies and use of anticoagulant drugs and pregnancy.

What are the side effects of ND-YAG lasers?

There are none! Treatments with the ND YAG laser have no unwanted effects or complications, thanks to the strict laser beam selectivity that treats exclusively blood vessels without irritating the skin.

How many treatments should be done?

Permanent removal of capillaries and venules on the face, body or legs is achieved with 2-3 treatments, with breaks of 4-6 weeks.

What are the advantages of ND-YAG lasers compared to other procedures used for this indication?

  • the procedure is painless and there are no side effects
  • fast and effective and permanent cure is achieved in two to three treatments
  • treatment lasts 20-60 minutes and all regions of the face and body except the eye region can be treated
  • treatment prevents the further spread of treated blood vessels, a drastic reduction in the number of enlarged capillaries already after the first treatment, and a fantastic aesthetic result, as the capillaries are removed without skin irritation.

How can I schedule a treatment?

At the Laser Center Diva, you can schedule the treatment every work day during working hours.

Consultations on all laser and aesthetic procedures are FREE and are done by doctors who will give you the most accurate information about the effect you can expect, as well as a recommendation on some other procedures that you can combine to achieve the best result.


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