Dark Circles – How to Get Rid of Dark Undereye Circles

The first signs of aging can be noticed in the eye region. The skin on the lids and periorbital region is significantly thinner and softer than anywhere else on our face. 

The changes which occur in the aging process, in the eye region, start with the appearance of fine lines which eventually advance into wrinkles. This happens due to a change in facial tone, the lowering of upper lids and their wrinkling. Periorbital tissue loses its volume and no longer provides support, which gradually results in a formation of dark circles.

The Reasons for the Formation of Dark Circles

Dark circles represent an esthetic issue and make the person appear tired, sick and older than they actually are. 

The main reasons for the appearance of dark circles are:

  • Changes which are a result of aging
  • Genetic predisposition
  • An unhealthy lifestyle which includes alcohol consumption, smoking, stress, irregular sleep patterns, insufficient intake of fluids, unhealthy and irregular diet
  • Tiredness
  • Allergic reactions
  • Vascular causes (local circulation disorder in the undereye region) etc. 

Atrophy, that is, the loss of undereye fat tissue, is common in the process of aging. As a result, we notice the appearance of dark circles or “bags” of wrinkled skin, with a clear line that separates the circles from the rest of the facial skin. 

Non-surgical Removal of Dark Circles

Non-surgical removal of dark circles or “tear through” intervention involves the use of hyaluronic fillers and helps revolutionize this esthetic issue. Hyaluronic fillers have become a better alternative to blepharoplasty which had been, up to about 10 years ago, the only solution for the dark circles. 

Hyaluronic fillers are administered with a cannula, a blunt needle, which makes only one puncture and makes this technique highly comfortable, safe and minimally invasive for the patient as there is no risk of hematoma formation. 

Dermal hyaluronic fillers add volume to the facial region that has undergone fat tissue atrophy and represents an ideal solution followed by a minimal risk, as hyaluronic acid is our body’s natural component. 

The Benefits of Non-surgical Dark Circles Removal

  • Minimally invasive technique
  • Short intervention (15 minutes)
  • No recovery period and the patient can resume their activities the same day
  • No visible scars
  • Intervention performed under local anesthesia
  • Patient looks refreshed

To achieve an ideal effect, non-surgical correction of dark circles is combined with cheekbone contouring to restore a youthful and refreshed volume to the central facial region. 

Juvederm fillers contain anesthetic which is released in the tissue which makes the procedure minimally uncomfortable for the patient. 

The results last approximately one year.  

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