Recommendations for men care

Recommendations for men care

There was a time when aesthetic treatments were reserved exclusively for women. Today, more and more men take this this step.

Although laser treatments most commonly used among men are to treat scarring due to injury, or acne in puberty, (scars on the face, back and chest), are often subjected to 4D Combo laser facial treatments that do not only rejuvenate but also treat skin and dermatological problems such as capillaries, flecks, enlarged pores, relaxed skin…

4D and 5D Combo is a revolutionary laser rejuvenating method with long-term and safe results. Laser works by rejuvenating the skin and at the same time improves the skin’s tan and texture, reduces numerous inequalities and irregularities on the skin with minimal recovery time.


These treatments can be used alone or in combination with mesotherapy or PRP, which significantly improves skin quality.

Mesotherapy is a non-operative treatment. The hyaluronic acid as well as the other substances is injected directly into the mesoderm (middle layer of skin).

PRP – Paletelet Rich Plasma is a rejuvenation therapy using mother cells. From the patient’s blood sample, platelets with growth factors and stem cells are extracted, that lead to regeneration and skin remodeling in a completely natural way, increasing elasticity and skin volume.


It is a very popular mesotherapeutic hair treatment that additionally nourishes the hair and stimulates its growth.

Mesotherapy of the hair is a non-surgical method of injection of vitamin cocktails and active substances in the central part of the skin (mesoderm).


Men have the option, as same as ladies, to successfully correct their wrinkles by applying hyalurons or 3D Mesonites.

3D Mesonites is a non-operative procedure in aesthetic medicine. Mesonites are fibers that are biodegradable. They are placed under the skin with the help of a thin needle.

Hyaluron fillers are smooth consistency gels that consist of natural hyaluronic acid that gives the skin volume and hydrates it.

Ultrasonic and laser lipolysis effectively assist in the elimination of fat deposits on certain parts of the body..


Taboo around men and aesthetic treatments is slowly fading and more and more men are deciding to undergo rejuvenation treatments in order to improve appearance without worrying that their status or manhood will be questioned. Quite the opposite, they treat it as another way of distinguishing themselves.

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