Treatment for Rosacea

Treatment for rosacea with the most modern medical laser meant for this indication!

Rosacea is a condition that manifests with the appearance of redness, and most commonly occurs in middle-aged men and women. The cause of the disease is not known, but there are many known predisposing factors such as hormonal changes, sun exposure, UVA / UVB radiation, stress, climate change, coffee, alcohol and spicy foods are known.

Disease stages:

  1. Redness: most often is shown on the forehead and cheeks
  2. Pimples: in the form of open or closed comedones (blackheads) of smaller or larger dimensions

If not treated on time, it may gradually get worse, so timely diagnosis and treatment are of prime importance.

In the past, this condition could be treated only by pharmacological therapy that had uncertain results. With the advancement of medicine, modern rosacea therapy gives incomparably better and long lasting results.

At the Diva Laser Center, the latest medical, dermatological laser for this condition successfully controls the symptoms, significantly reduces the appearance of redness and prevents further progression of the disease.

What does the laser treatment look like?

The procedure is completely painless and safe. There are no side effects, and the method is very effective. The first effects can be seen in the form of reduction of the subjective symptoms that are very emphasised in the acute phase of the disease and often disrupt the quality of the patient’s life. The burning and feeling of heat are reduced. Furthermore, the objective signs are reduced too, meaning a significant reduction of redness.

After the treatment itself, the patient can immediately return to his daily activities without any recovery period. Usually, the procedure should be repeated 3-5 times at intervals of one month.

A detailed treatment protocol is determined during the consultation with a physician who determines individual therapy for each patient, thereby ensuring the maximum effect.


The treatment for rosacea ranges from 90 to 130€.

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How can I schedule a treatment?

At the Laser Center Diva, you can schedule the treatment every work day during working hours.

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